About VET-UX Pharma

Founded in 2020 with the support and leadership of 2 years of experience, VET-UX Pharma is a company that produces state-of-the-art premixes and nutritional supplements with flexible production capability.

With the supplement products we produce for our pet friends, we aim for our dear friends to lead a healthy and happy life. We are progressing at every stage of our products that we offer to all four corners of the world, without sacrificing high quality.

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As VET-UX Pharma;

We serve our veterinarians and pets with innovative food supplements for a healthy life.



Mallia Malt Paste

Hairballs cause stomach irritation and cats vomit to pull out hairballs that look like felt. This is where Mallia comes into



It is supportive in the treatment of rickets in growing cats and dogs.
It reduces the risk of cancer.

D3 Nano

Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, balancing circulating calcium concentrations.
flora guard 3d kutu png

Flora Guard

It has a regulating effect on the digestive system. Mixture suitable for use for cats and dogs.


Free Breathing

Freebreathing is a product that helps upper respiratory support with the helpful plant extracts.



Because of the magnesium inside it will inhibit lactic acid in our muscle system and it will get rid of local convulsions.

C vitamini tablet


A powerful antioxidant participates in the production of collagen. Peak level in the blood is 8-10 hours



Designed to support the liver and to support regenerate hepatocytes in case of acute pancreatitis

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