It is designed to support the liver and to support regenerate hepatocytes. It is safe to use for cases of acute pancreatitis because the ingredients: turmeric, folic acid and probiotic is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Also, it can be used for patients who suffer from serious poisoning, enhanced liver damage, and elevated liver enzyme activity.

It can also be safely used for dogs and cats who suffer from toxic liver damage and long-term treatment periods with hepatotoxic drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use Usage

It is applied by spraying 1 spray into the mouth per 1 kg live weight of small breed dogs.

What does this product do?

In clinical studies, it has been observed that vitamin D regulates blood pressure.

What are the benefits?

It prevents bone development disorders related to kidney failure by regulating calcium phosphorus metabolism associated with kidney failure in geriatric cats and dogs.

Why is it necessary for a pet?

It is supportive in the treatment of rickets in growing cats and dogs.
It reduces the risk of cancer.
Regulates and strengthens immunity

It is necessary to ensure the regular functioning of the metabolism and immune system in cats and dogs.